Bangkok Current Conditions       3/29/17 3:00 PM ICT
28 33°C Hi 30°C | Lo 22°C Mostly Cloudy
  • Feels Like: 33°C
  • Sunrise: 6:16 AM
  • Wind: SE at 12kmph
  • Sunset: 6:29 PM
  • Humidity: 66%
  • UV Index: 5 - Moderate
T-Storms Early T-Storms Early
Humidity 76%
Wind CALM calm kmph
P Cloudy P Cloudy
Lo 26°C | Hi 33°C
P Cloudy
Phuket Current Conditions       3/29/17 3:30 PM ICT
28 32°C Hi 28°C | Lo 22°C Mostly Cloudy
  • Feels Like: 32°C
  • Sunrise: 6:26 AM
  • Wind: VAR at 8kmph
  • Sunset: 6:36 PM
  • Humidity: 70%
  • UV Index: 4 - Moderate
Scattered T-Storms Scattered T-Storms
Humidity 81%
Wind CALM calm kmph
PM T-Storms PM T-Storms
Lo 24°C | Hi 30°C
PM T-Storms
Chiang Mai Current Conditions       3/29/17 3:30 PM ICT
34 33°C Hi 36°C | Lo 8°C Fair
  • Feels Like: 33°C
  • Sunrise: 6:21 AM
  • Wind: SW at 9kmph
  • Sunset: 6:37 PM
  • Humidity: 19%
  • UV Index: 5 - Moderate
Mostly Clear Mostly Clear
Humidity 46%
Wind CALM calm kmph
Sunny Sunny
Lo 22°C | Hi 37°C
Trang Current Conditions       3/29/17 2:00 PM ICT
30 28°C Hi 26°C | Lo 25°C Partly Cloudy
  • Feels Like: 28°C
  • Sunrise: 6:21 AM
  • Wind: S at 11kmph
  • Sunset: 6:31 PM
  • Humidity: 94%
  • UV Index: 9 - Very High
T-Storms Early T-Storms Early
Humidity 94%
Wind CALM calm kmph
T-Storms T-Storms
Lo 22°C | Hi 32°C
Pattaya Current Conditions       3/29/17 1:00 PM ICT
28 25°C Hi 25°C | Lo 24°C Mostly Cloudy
  • Feels Like: 25°C
  • Sunrise: 6:15 AM
  • Wind: SSE at 4kmph
  • Sunset: 6:28 PM
  • Humidity: 96%
  • UV Index: 8 - Very High
T-Storms Early T-Storms Early
Humidity 79%
Wind CALM calm kmph
AM T-Storms AM T-Storms
Lo 25°C | Hi 30°C
AM T-Storms
Chiang Rai Current Conditions       3/29/17 3:00 PM ICT
34 34°C Hi 31°C | Lo 22°C Fair
  • Feels Like: 34°C
  • Sunrise: 6:17 AM
  • Wind: ENE at 8kmph
  • Sunset: 6:34 PM
  • Humidity: 58%
  • UV Index: 8 - Very High
T-Storms Early T-Storms Early
Humidity 64%
Wind CALM calm kmph
M Sunny M Sunny
Lo 21°C | Hi 35°C
M Sunny

Thailand weather

Thailand’s weather can simply be defined in two words, Hot and Humid. Located in the tropical region, its weather is divided in to three seasons – hot and season, rainy season and cold season. However, the country is generalized to experience hot and humid weather conditions almost throughout the year. A major chunk of Thailand has the luck to have these three seasons. This chunk comprises of the North, Northeastern and Central Thailand. Its south and coastal regions however have only two seasons - wet season and dry season.

As seasonal weather conditions vary widely throughout whole Thailand, it is highly recommended to check for favorable climatic circumstances before booking trip to the tourist country.

Cool Season in Thailand

Winters in Thailand span from November to February in the northern, northeastern and central regions. But as a consequence of being in a tropical climate region, winters are not that cold. Average highest temperature is recorded to be 30 degrees Celsius and minimum average temperature recorded as 20 degrees Celsius. The lowest temperature goes to 13 degrees Celsius in this season. It is especially pleasant for tourists who come from from the dry, moderate, continental and polar climatic zones of the world which includes North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Australia and most parts of Asia.

The Gulf of Thailand on its east coast has ideal conditions in the cold season for tourism activities on its Hua Hin, Pranburi, Cha Am, Koh Samui, Koh Tao, Koh Phan Ngan and Koh Chang beaches. The Andaman Sea which includes Phuket, Khao Lak, Phi Phi, Koh Lanta and Krabi also exhibit similar weather conditions for beach tourism. Low precipitation levels and cool winds from the sea lessen humidity levels and contributes to a promising, pleasant and comfortable beach vacation to Thailand.

To experience true winters, you will have to head towards the northern mountainous areas. Chances of snowfall with extreme cold winds can become unbearable and sometimes result in deaths if appropriate measures are not taken.

Thailand Hot Season

Temperatures begin to rise from mid-January in the north, northeast and central regions. This majorly includes Bangkok, Issan, Chiang Rai, Kanchanaburi and Chiang Mai regions. By March, mercury reaches its peak to more than 40 degrees Celsius particularly in the inland provinces. Humidity level also increases making your trip moist, annoying and unpleasant. By April, the sweltering heat gets intolerable and locals become impatient for the monsoon season to begin. March to May are the non-preferred months to visit Thailand with the exception of the coastal regions.

The east and west coast of Thailand can still be visited from March to May when average temperature fluctuates between 29 degrees to 35 degrees Celsius in the east coast and 30 degrees to 36 degrees Celsius in the west coast.

Thailand Wet Season

In the north and inland regions of the country, the hot weather pattern continues till May until the arrival of South west monsoon in June. In the start, it rains with light and short downpours making the sky more bright and clear for most of the time. It helps in heat reduction but after July, rains are heavy and continues for a long time especially between August and September. Temperatures average between 28 degrees Celsius to 34 degrees Celsius.

In the east coastal areas, the wet monsoon season is expected from late August to September. Mercury level stays persistent to 30 degrees Celsius with a combination of heavy rainfalls and sunny days on and off. It rains to its peak between October and November marking the end of monsoon season and the beginning of winter season.

In the west coast of Thailand, the wet season initiates in late May and continues to last till October. These downpours are heavy but continues for only a short time generally in the afternoons. It is from mid- September to mid-October that highest rainfall is usually observed in the form of floods and then continuous drizzling that can last for days. If you like to get wet in rain and don’t feel uncomfortable with moist and humid weather conditions, you can take a trip to the country as it is rainy but typically sunny throughout the whole season.

Written By Aisha Malik

Thailand Weather by Month