Weather In Bangkok, Thailand

Weather forecast in Thailand for 3 days
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39° Hi 39° | Lo 29° Partly Cloudy
  • Feels Like: 39°
  • Sunrise: 06:03 AM
  • Wind: S 20mph
  • Sunset: 06:31 PM
  • Humidity: 37%
  • Cloud: 38%
Lo 29° | Hi 39°
Partly Cloudy
Lo 29° | Hi 39°
Partly Cloudy
Thailand weather Overview

The weather in Thailand tends to be in general hot and humid, but that’s not everywhere of course. In some of the higher areas of Thailand, one can also encounter cooler temperatures, such as in the areas that are North of Bangkok, which is of course mountainous. Within those areas one will actually find different seasons there, which fall into four different seasons, just as in many parts of the world outside of Thailand.

In addition those northern areas do not go through the incredible monsoons that are located south of Bangkok. Instead the weather there is mostly dry and definitely even has a cooler period or two. Those cooler breezes tend to occur in between November to most of February.

It is from most of May and including November that one may even encounter monsoons during which time the heavens seem to simply open up with rain. One will find that rainfalls then are actually in their heaviest, even though we are speaking of the Northern portions of Thailand.

Then there are the more southerly regions of Thailand. In those areas, they speak only of two separate seasons, those being dry and wet, of course. None of those two seasons run concurrently though depending on whether we are speaking of the Western side of Thailand, or the Eastern side of Thailand. You see, the West coast will receive their wettest weather during the months of April through and including October, when they will receive deluges of rain. The east coast of Thailand however has its monsoons mostly during September and through December. If one considers that Thailand is considered the biggest exporter of rice all over the world, one can understand why they need so much rain.

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