Weather Forecast Bangkok Thailand

Saturday, 20

P Cloudy

P Cloudy

Max: 32°C

Min: 21°C

Sunday, 21

P Cloudy

P Cloudy

Max: 33°C

Min: 20°C

Monday, 22

P Cloudy

P Cloudy

Max: 30°C

Min: 19°C

Climate for Bangkok

Average Weather in Bangkok for April

Sunny 13 Days
Partly Cloudy 10 Days
Moderate or heavy rain shower 3 Days
Light rain shower 2 Days
Avg High temperature 42 °C / 107.6 °F
Avg Coldest temperature 26 °C / 78.8 °F
Cloud Cover 25%
Avg Humidity 37%
Avg Wind speed 20 km/h
As April approaches, Bangkok will see another rise in temperatures, although it will be much less noticeable than in previous months.  The rise will take place toward the middle of the month as the temperatures increase to stay in the mid thirties every day.  Although there will be a slight increase in the nightly temperatures, they’ll pretty much stay steady in the mid twenties for the most part.  There are even more clouds during April for Bangkok, and they’ll continue to rise during the send of the month.  Bangkok sees low humidity again during April, but the precipitation will rise some more.  Expect a few more thunderstorms in Bangkok during this month.

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