Weather Forecast Bangkok Thailand

Thursday, 18

P Cloudy

P Cloudy

Max: 28°C

Min: 20°C

Friday, 19

P Cloudy

P Cloudy

Max: 31°C

Min: 21°C

Saturday, 20

M Sunny

M Sunny

Max: 32°C

Min: 22°C

Climate for Bangkok

Average Weather in Bangkok for January

Sunny 31 Days
Avg High temperature 40 °C / 104 °F
Avg Coldest temperature 18 °C / 64.4 °F
Cloud Cover 2%
Avg Humidity 31%
Avg Wind speed 12 km/h
The weather in Bangkok during a typical January is marked with fairly consistent temperatures throughout the duration of the month.  A usual daily average sits in the low thirties for the bulk of the month with little variation from day to day.  Bangkok’s lower temperatures through the nights and evenings, however, will fluctuate slightly, increasing as the month goes on.  By the time January has ended, the nighttime and evening temperatures will be in the low to mid twenties.  January is typically pretty clear although the clouds tend to increase toward the second part of the month.  The humidity is low and the precipitation is mostly made of light rain, which increases during the end of January.

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