Weather Forecast Chiang Mai Thailand

Friday, 25

Max: 32°C

Min: 22°C

Saturday, 26

Sct T-Storms

Max: 30°C

Min: 23°C

Sunday, 27


Max: 30°C

Min: 22°C

Climate for Chiang Mai

Average Weather in Chiang Mai for November

Sunny 18 Days
Partly Cloudy 7 Days
Patchy rain nearby 2 Days
Light rain shower 2 Days
Avg High temperature 34 °C / 93.2 °F
Avg Coldest temperature 14 °C / 57.2 °F
Cloud Cover 22%
Avg Humidity 50%
Avg Wind speed 7 km/h
During November, the temperatures in Chiang Mai begin to slowly drop once more, particularly toward the tail end of the month.  For the most part, they stay pretty steady in the high twenties to the very low thirties for the duration of the month.  The nightly temperatures in Chiang Mai also drop slightly and by the end of November, they’ll sit in the mid to high teens fairly consistently.  Expect a lot less clouds in November than there were in October as well as a significant drop in precipitation.  Most of the precipitation this month comes from moderate rainfall.  Additionally, the humidity will drop very slightly and continue to stay steady through the end of the month.

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