The weather in October in Thailand is characterized by less rain and cooler temperature. The northern part of the country starts to shift from rainy days to winter season. On the other hand, the western part of the country is still having plenty of rain. The level of humidity comes down by the end of the month. The temperature even touches lower levels. There are chances of some thunderstorms even.

Travel Guide to visit Thailand in October

It rains quite a lot in October in Bangkok. The average temperature in Bangkok in October is between 25-32 degree Celsius. The average number of rainy days is seventeen. There may be flooding in Bangkok. Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and the prime attraction in Thailand. The travelers may face difficulty in exploring Bangkok in case of water logging in the streets.

Ko Chang is the third largest island in Thailand. The average temperature in Ko Chang in October ranges from 23-31 degree Celsius. The average number of rainy days is twenty-one days. The waterfalls are of this place are extremely popular such as Klong Plu, Klong Nonsi, etc. The waterfalls appear even prettier in the monsoon season. One can head towards the beaches of Ko Chang such as the Kai Bae Beach, Lonely Beach, etc.

In Phuket even, the level of rain has significantly reduced in October as compared to the previous month. October is a good month to visit Phuket as the prices of     flights and hotels are extremely cheap. The average temperature ranges between 24-30 degree Celsius. But it is not preferable to go for sea tours or scuba diving because of the unpredictable rough weather conditions. The travelers can visit Old Phuket Town, Big Buddha, Phuket Temples, etc.

Phuket weather in October

Phuket weather in October

Patong is a very popular beach resort on Phuket. The travelers can do a sea tour to Phi Phi and Phang Nga during this time as the places are scenic and beautiful. Places such as Mae Hong Son and Pai have a pleasant weather in October. There is less number of travelers visiting these places in this month so it is rarely crowded.

Trang is a sea port of Thailand situated on the Coast of Andaman Sea. The average temperature ranges from 23-32 degree Celsius in Trang in October. Mostly there is rainfall throughout the month in Trang. Two festivals are celebrated in this month. One is Vegetarian Festival held on full moon night and the other is Moon Festival celebrated by the Chinese people. There are many tourist attractions in Trang if the rain does not act as an obstacle. The places are Ko Ngai, Ko Lao Liang, Ko Takiang, Ko Kradan, etc.

The rainy season recedes by the end of October in Thailand. The weather starts becoming dry, less humid and without rain. The number of footfalls in Thailand is even less so the expenses of the tourists visiting the lovely country are reduced. Thailand offers eye-pleasing view especially of its beaches and islands. There are so many places to explore in this amazingly beautiful country. The travelers just have to plan their trip keeping in view the chances of rain. They can enjoy exploring the country on a sunny day and relax in a beach resort on a rainy day.    

Thailand Weather of top cities in October

City Name Temperature (° C) Humidity (%) Wind Speed (mph) Precip (inch)
Max Avg Min Max Avg Min Max Avg Min
Bangkok 3 6 -6 88 61 50 18 10 3 8.27
Chiang Mai 3 2 -9 94 58 39 10 6 3 1.72
Phuket 1 4 -3 82 73 68 33 19 2 10.87
Trang 2 5 -6 83 60 46 19 11 2 5.78
Chiang Rai 2 2 -10 98 58 30 11 5 2 2.97
Krabi 2 5 -5 81 66 59 24 15 3 11.89
Mae Hong Son 2 3 -11 99 65 43 6 5 1 5.35
Sattahip 2 5 -4 88 70 62 34 16 4 12.99
Nan 3 2 -11 99 57 32 8 5 2 3.03
Narathiwat 3 7 -5 93 64 53 20 13 2 9.57

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